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Chromeo, Jori Hulkkonen


I think last time I wrote for Chromeo I did something stupid like express it in the form of a number from one to ten. I think I put 8. Ok, fair enough, I was on a truth-kick… so let’s keep it up. This record is a motherfucking 10. You hear me?? A 10!!!!!! That’s right… “Astral Weeks” = 10,
“Screamedelica” =10, “Exile on Main Street” = 10, “Pleasure From The Bass” =10… and now “Bonafied Lovin” (and remixes) = 10.

I can’t express how relaxing it is to do press sheets for a 10. It’s like I can just sit back and do nothing. Maybe best to remind you of past 7s, 8’s and 9’s: like, oh… I don’t know… You Gonna Want me (an 8)… Umbrella (a 9) or maybe Arcade Fire “Funeral” (a 7)… you get the picture.

See, Chromeo have arrived: not like some forced, hyped up bullshit Menswear vibe… but like a Bonzai tree, nurtured by those who believe and love it for years… growing, maturing, oblivious to the outside world… until, when the world is ready… and the time is right… it (they) BLOOM.

Let the summer of ’07 be remembered as The Summer of Lovin (Bonafied)….and this single, a testament to their confidence, accomplishment and sound.

3 mixes:

Les Petits Pilous go nuts; chop everything into little pieces and make shit all crazy and hectic and wow… voila… its a hit***
Riot In Belgium bring the sex-club-perfection, that aussie FUN, that Oceanic zest for life… and, crikey… it’s a hit*******
Jori Hulkkonen just fucking NAILS it… favorite remix in ages, pure perfection, HONEST… and… its a hit***********

So, 3 hot hits. one AMAZING original song, and I say SONG cuz its a real song.

I tip my hat to Chromeo, who after years of staying true to their sound… are getting the props they deserve, and making us all very proud.

Love from Montreal