Turbo 047
Jori Hulkkonen
Rave 2.0 EP

Release Date:


Jori Hulkkonen

I just made the mistake of re-reading the last press sheet I wrote for the original Fenno Baron ep… man, was that good (the release sheet, not the record), so good in fact that for an instant I considered hanging up my pen and retiring from this crazy, glamorous world of indie-label literary administration. But then I thought… sure, they all know Jori’s story, they all know our shared history, everyone knows he’s a retarded genius who lives in Turku….. but do they know the history of THESE tracks? no….. YOU don’t. Until now! read on….

A1: Crowd, Get Ready To Be Jammed
At first listen, CGRTBJ would seem an obvious tribute to the Summer Of Love, and an updated acid house anthem… but that would be to ignore the powerful political message at the core of this masterpiece. We all try to forget the events of spring 1976….. when Finlands previously thriving jam industry was put to the sword by the streamlined operations, slick marketing and new flavours of Swedens then nascent condiment empire……. but for Finns the “Years of Even Less Flavor” as they are known, scarred a generation. Even now, more than 30 years later, many Finns have never tasted jam or marmalade while nearby Danes are rumored to actually BATHE in it. Jori’s decison (the fact that he actually is what is known in Finland as a “no-jam baby” must have fueled his mission) to confront this national blight and to state with pride and confidence that his crowd should “get ready to be jammed”, shows an artist at the height of his powers. Not since Marley’s “Redemption Song’, has a piece of music so galvanized a movement. Interesting to note Jori originally toyed with the idea of writing “Crowd , Get Ready to be Breaded” (referring of course to the current bread-famine in Turku), but when I told him about our plans to release Oliver Interactive’s upcoming SchnitzelMan ep, with the lead single “Girl I’ll Bread U”… he reconsidered.

B1: Nightwish
Every night in Turku, since the late 1700’s, children are taught to make a traditional “nightwish”: Dear Giant Reindeer-headed Potato-god, please give me the stamina to outdrink a Swede, give me the steady hand to shoot a Russian in the forest, give me some extra cash so I don’t feel ghetto when my Norwegian friends come over, and give me a chilled bottle of Tapaaahklatttivukanenku for when we defeat Denmark in the bandy world cup… and please never let me get a tan or lose my whiskers.” Jori manages to capture all this and so much more in his 6 minute techno-cultural expose.

B2: Mr.Drive
Finns love to drive, and pride themselves on their automotive skills. Jori is no exception… and this track is a tribute to his own days as “Mr. Drive” the nickname he acquired for his extremely dangerous pan-European, amphibious runs to Italy to go Italo record shopping in the late 80’s. Almost every Italo loving Finn over the age of 30 remembers waiting at the border for “Mr.Drive” to show up on the horizon, fresh back from Rimini armed with the latest Fancy record and much-needed fresh drinking water. Many people in the international techno community were shocked in 2003 when Jori imported the first Plymouth Prowler to Finland. The traditionally reserved, not to mention green, Scandinavian sensibilities were outraged…. but Jori’s need to have a Prowler (the only vehicle that can be properly retrofitted to look like a Klingon  “bird of prey”, outweighed his country’s shock…. that’s just how this motherfucker rolls.

love from Turku via Montreal