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Dear Turbo fan,

The truth is I cant write this one-sheet.

I have no weed, and am working on my own album, trapped in DFA studios in NYC trying to hit notes I didn’t know existed. Writing turbo one-sheets requires the exact, and delicate proportion of: time, freedom, space, hash and desire. Right now these are all in short supply, so I’ll leave it to Von Party to hit you with things like song titles, artist names and other useless facts.


O man… tough act to follow. We all know Tiga is the undisputed onesheet king so I’ll try to take it easy on the jokes and tell you a bit about Popof and the A&R process here at Turbo.

About 20 demo tracks get sent to me every day. Some are ok… most are incredibly sad… I’ve tried to come up with a system, make rules for myself based on territory like ‘always listen to Belgians’ or ‘ignore Americans’… but really there’s no substitute for just taking the time and actually listening. No matter how bad the name or horrid the myspace profile, you never know where you’ll find the next Proxy… or the next Tiga!!! haahhahahaa

September ‘007: I get an email from ‘Kaotik System’, Popof’s manager, with 6 tracks. My intuition tells me it’ll be trance and it’ll be wack. Demo senders out there, take note: 6 is too many songs to send! This ain’t folk music and you’re not telling a story… almost every time the more demos in an email, the worse they are. The only exception is when someone sends you their first track ever and asks for ‘producin assiste’. Anyway… the first 3 were so-so… I gave them each about 5 seconds and thought ‘meh’. The fourth one ‘Bitchy Groove’ sounded pretty dope, but partly because of the name, partly because of the first three being not that great, and partly because I was in 8 ichats and also on the phone, I did what any good A&R person would do: I replied telling him how ‘cool’ the music was but that our ‘schedule’ was ‘crazy busy’ and to please send me any new stuff.

Then I just sat back and waited for a bomb to hatch… 4 months later… BAMM!!   They sent The Chomper EP.

I was ecstatic… sometimes records come along that fit in so perfectly to your set that they magically transform the same tracks  you were bored of the week before… that’s what The Chomper was for me… alchemy… a new core sound had been crystallized… hyper-minimal-monkey-acid… like a HI-NRG Shonky… but on Turbo… YES!!!
That incredible feeling lasted until I went back and listened to ‘Bitchy Groove’ again and felt like a complete idiot for not signing it. I listened to the others and it was almost as bad. But in the end it landed us my favorite Popof EP yet… and I LOVE his others.

Trust me, you’ll ALL love this EP. It just fits… somewhere in between minimal scarf vibes and full-on fire trance….  yet still accessible to nurave blogfucks!
To wrap it up…

Popof is French (AGAIN!!)

There are three tracks… all A-side material… one is called ‘Chiken Flavour’… note we NEVER correct artists’ spelling… that’s how much we respect their creativity.

Incredibly, he’s been putting out records since ’96, staying beneath the radar cruising at the speed of trance… and now all of a sudden in a few short months he’s topped techno charts and made it into the playlists of a wide range of superstar DJ’s from minimalists like Villalobos & Luciano, ex-trance DJ’s Sasha and Tiga, and even, believe-it-or-not, THE top dog himself: Tiësto.

Love from freezing cold Montreal,

Thomas Von Party