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We at Turbo are longtime fans of DMX Krew, so it’s a real honor to work with him again 6 years after his last contribution to our now defunct sub-label ‘White Leather’. We don’t normally trace an artist’s history or include much biography in our press releases, but we feel the need in this case to pay our respects to a long and brilliant career. With all the crap that gets paraded around nowadays it’s easy to forget who the real masters are… ED DMX is one of them.

I’ve always held a soft spot for Ed, he was one of my favorite producers in the proto-electro heyday. Hearing his live version of the Knight Rider theme at Sona (Tiga’s club circa ’96) was (believe it or not) a revelation. Of all the artists I’d met up until then, he was the coolest: he could play synths better than anyone I’d ever heard, he had the balls to do vocals in his live-set, but he was a sweet, soft-spoken, and super funny guy.

For reasons I’ve never understood, Ed’s pop side didn’t seem to take off and for awhile things took a distinctly experimental turn… interesting stuff, but a departure from the bright immediacy I loved in his earlier records. I was starting to put him into that category of genius artist that pissed me off because they weren’t making the music I wanted them to make, but were on some brain-trip doing things I didn’t understand (think Aphex Twin, Prince, Jori Hulkkonen…). So I let him fall off my radar… And THEN…

2007 rolls around and his alias 101 Force drops ” ‘Tha Return’, followed shortly thereafter by ‘SH101 Triggers MS10’, easily two of my favorite records of the year and some of the best acid house ever made. Buy them now. I could blather on and on about how incredible those records are, but the important thing is that we took action and signed ‘The Bass Drop.’

This EP doesn’t reference or pay homage to Acid House so much as it embodies it. This is the real deal.

It is with great pride that we bring you DMX Krew, same as he ever was, the analog don back to school all you blog-turds in the art of the acid groove.