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I met Brodi early last year, he had a track called “Bad Runner” that I had been playing incessantly. It leaked onto blog sites months before it’s release on Mental Groove in October 2007. It found it’s way into Erol’s box among many others very early on and the hot fuss began.

As a DJ, despite hailing from France (Reims, Lille), unexpectedly Brodi’s taste is broad. If your expecting banging gnarly electro bombs… unlucky. He can play anything from noisy techno, bass heavy house through to more melodic minimal. Plus, if you think you spend more time searching the net for new tunes than anyone else, think again. This guy is committed and now his second, and even better EP is here and he has saved it just for Turbo.

The title track “Oblivion” is typical of Brodi’s production style. Punchy, driving drum patterns and a huge elastic synth line that spirals into histrionic, throbbing techno.

He set us (Clouded Vision) the task of remixing it and all I could think of was the English Alton Towers roller coaster ride, Oblivion. Therefore our mix had to build up to a great height and drop heavily from the top. We kept a lot of the original heavy synths and added a housier drum pattern to change the groove.

The B side, Gold Digger again hits you with big drums and maximum impact but still keeps a nice progressive acid groove. With old school house undertones and a cut-up vocal cough there is enough to please the fist pumpers out there and those that actually still like to dance with their legs.

Noob is a new French dude you may not have heard of. When you hear his remix you will realize that, yes he is Popof’s friend and his production has even bigger balls.

Oblivion is finally here and Brodinski continues his one 6’2” man mission to take over boys and girls hearts across the world.