Turbo 060
Jesper Dahlbäck
Cables & Things Ep

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Jesper Dahlback


In Jori’s Words:

Apparently there’s another Jesper Dahlbäck record coming out on Turbo as they asked for a onesheet. Not sure which tracks are on it so I can’t really talk about the record. So why do I feel I can write a onesheet about it? Because there are very few producers I can trust as I trust Jesper.

Ever since the good old techno days (see my previous onesheet about Cari Lekebusch) to the genre-defining deephousesound of SVEK records in the late 90’s to only last month when I asked Jesper if he had any tracks to give me to try out only to receive 27 new slamming unreleased tunes, I’ve always had a selection to spin (remember the etymology of the verb, regarding those round discs) a Jesper production to a connoisseur crowd that may otherwise be hard to win on my side.

I could go on and write about our classic back-to-back DJ sets we’ve done ever since the mid 90’s all the way from northern Finland to the classic Turbo parties in Miami WMC, or our studiosessions combining Kebabs (or recently falafels) and Acid, or the ambitious Acid Symphony Orchestra where I’m the conductor and Jesper is the “principal first violin”. But I won’t. Google it up! And get every JD record you can!

In TVP’s Words:

Since Jori didn’t comment on the actual tracks I’ll chime in here to give you a quick rundown… Jesper is a chronically underrated producer, a huge figure in Turbo’s history, and arguably the most important person in Tiga’s career, having co-produced some of his best remixes and original tracks.

The A-side is pure Dahlbäck… winding acid grooves with crystal hi-hats and enough reverby modulations to keep you locked in the fun-matrix. Mega Signalizer is my pick on here… a playable, punchy, and yes FUNKY track, finally, Master Circuit is a paranoid gear-changer, but NOT annoying… and like all Jesper’s records, it sounds incredible out. Classic Turbo vibes… another winner!