Turbo 061
Sniff EP


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OK OK.. fuck, this onesheet is overdue. Tiga has been working hard finishing his album and I’ve been off-duty, on holiday in India the past two weeks. I’m in Schiphol airport now, drinking tea, about to take a shower in the ‘crown lounge’. That’s right, thanks to Turbo’s success I achieved Skyteam and Star Alliance gold! Anyways, I badly wanted to freak out and stay in my psy-tropical paradise, but we have dance music that needs to be pressed onto vinyl and written about so that you can download it now for free… the saga continues:

Kolombo puts out a lot of records. Some of them I love, most of them are too housey and boring for me. His stuff always sounds great, but teeters dangerously on that line of commercial club music… reminding me of overly groomed men and cologne blowing in the smoke machine.

That sounds bad, but it’s the truth, the same as it’s true that these two tracks are total standouts and have been effective weapons lately for the few Turbo VIP’s that have them.

‘Sniff’ takes hiss, THE sound of ’08 (Popof, anyone?) to the next level by punctuating each white-noise breakdown with a giant sample of a human sniff!!! Genius… and perhaps the first true blow anthem ever in techno.* This should be number one on Beatport.

‘Pique Nique’ may have an annoying name and start off a bit boring, but the breakdown is a game changer, modulating from chirpy fairy wiggle-house down to a sub bass groove that achieves the requisite hands-in-the-air factor without making anyone feel they need to play Crookers for the rest of the night (note: we LOVE Crookers… Ciao, ragazzi!!)

That’s it and that’s all… two great tracks, no lame remixes… enjoy!

*note from Tiga: I think it is safe to say that “Your Only Friend” by Phuture is the first “blow anthem” in techno….. but lets say this is  the most recent.