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This release is the latest in a series of remix 12-inches from Tiga’s 2009 album Ciao!, featuring some of the most respected and sought-after producers in dance music taking on the most respected and sought-after icon in dance music.

Gentle Giant (featuring James Murphy and Jake Shears) Remixes by Martyn, Efdemin and Mathew Jonson

When a song means a lot to you personally, having it remixed is a lot like sending your child to undergo plastic surgery. In this case, though, it was like having the operation performed by doctors you respect as musicians.

This is most likely my favorite track off Ciao!, and the response I’ve gotten from fans seems to suggest I’m not alone. They come up to me and say, “Tiga, that was an amazing game of racquetball, but the real reason I’m here is to tell you how much “Gentle Giant” means to me.” And it’s not uncommon for my sports goggles to fill up with salty blue Gatorade tears, mainly because I thought we had been playing squash.

Some may claim that the remixes on this release are too diverse, that they strain the acceptable boundaries of what’s eclectic and what’s too hectic to sex with. And to that I say, “You can’t shame the Rebel, dog. You can’t even try.”