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In celebration of the end of Planet Turbo’s summer run, we’re releasing an EP of remixed classic Turbo tracks that we’ve been ‘caning’ on tour.

Tiga – You Gonna Want Me (Hey Today! Remix)

Possibly the most shameless party record we’ve ever put out. 100% crowdpleaser. Dutch-style claps on the kickdrums, sing-along pop breakdown, and high energy synth hooks. Hey Today! have delivered a mega-hit. Early support from Dutch-house oven Laidback Luke as well as the regular Turbo Illuminati: Erol Alkan, Thomas Von Party, and Tiga, i.e. the only people that currently have it.
‘Essential New Tune’ on BBC!

Chromeo – Don’t Turn the Lights On (Carte Blanche Late Nite Mix)

Carte Blanche (Mehdi and Riton) crank out a top-shelf banger, already getting big plays by Tiga and Brodinski.

Proxy – 8000 (Diplo Remix)

Proxy’s easternmost stylings meet butt-bouncing American fun. Can already see the Major Lazer girls dancing to this… mmm…

Popof – Chomper (Matt Walsh Remix)

Dark, driving rework of a Popof classic by London’s Matt Walsh, who has been busy on the remix front and has a highly touted new collaboration with Zhao due for release soon.

Boy 8-Bit – Yard Birds (The Finger Prince Remix)

A stunning remix by Australia’s Gus Da Hoodrat under his new guise as The Finger Prince.

“I’ve heard the future and his name is Prince Fingers.” – Tiga