Turbo 094
Love Don't Dance Here Anymore (Carl Craig Remixes)

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Over the past year, Tiga has released a series of remix 12”s from his 2009 album Ciao! The ambitious project includes some of the most respected and sought-after producers in dance music. The final installment – “Love Don’t Dance Here Anymore” – features two remixes by Michigan City legend Carl Craig.

“For these remixes, I looked to Titans. Standing on the roof of my greenhouse, I called out, ‘Hey you, get off of that impossible cloud and into my car. We’re gonna drive all night ‘til we hit Remix City!’

“It goes without saying that having Carl Craig remix my song is an honor. And this song is particularly special to me because it was written in such a traditional way. It was just me, Gonzales, a piano, a bottle of wine, a bottle of shampoo, and a handful of conditioner. It’s the kind of song you listen to alone in the Sheraton Business Center, wistfully savoring a Skor bar and reflecting on what might have been.”