Turbo 098
Villa Nah
Midnight Versions

Release Date:


BBC called Villa Nah’s debut album “the sort of sleek electro-pop that’d be gobbled up greedily by tastemakers and playlisters alike given sufficient notice.” 

Unfortunately, key VIP tastemakers and select playlisters were NOT given sufficient notice, so the Turbo hit machine stepped in to service the hypecloud, licensing these two brilliant ‘Midnight Versions.’  

It should come as no surprise that one of Finland’s most promising musical exports in recent memory would be graced by the touch of the hand of local super-producer Jori Hulkkonen. Jori not only mixed and engineered the original material for the band’s acclaimed debut LP, but also put in double remix duty here with both a solo effort, and – enlisting the aid of techno legend Jesper Dahlbäck – as the mighty Kebacid, who you may remember for jacking the potato on Turbo 081.

The result is a pair of emo ballads that light the way from your darkened bedroom to the dancefloor, till the tears and sweat become one.

Early support from Ivan Smagghe *

*the only DJ we’ve given it to so far, but also one of the most emotionally supportive DJs we know.