Turbo 117
Azari & III
Reckless Remixes

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Azari & III, Proxy, Tiga

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Coinciding with a hot new video and an upcoming album re-release courtesy of Island Records, Turbo weighs in with heavyweight remix support from label bossmaster TIGA and Russian Rave-Czar PROXY.

Tiga’s mix gets reckless with your ears with a versatile after-hours jam. It packs a bassy punch but keeps its head down in the lifestyle k-hole, exercising restraint while showing off a mature and developed sexuality.

Proxy turns in a bumping, hip-hop influenced mix, with old-skool cowbells, crushed claps and a SH-101 lead guaranteed to make heads bob ’til they can’t bob no more. This is probably the only time Azari & III will ever be used to start a mosh, at least until society does some much-needed growing up.