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Bordello, Gingy, ZZT


Turbo Recordings presents a second pack of killer remixes of ZZT’s “Work”, the latest single off the Tiga/Zombie Nation supergroup’s PARTYS OVER EARTH LP. Featuring The Advent & Spiriakos, Norman Nodge and Gingy & Bordello.

It fills us with a profound, seething rage to think that even a small segment of the Turbo audience doesn’t worship The Advent. Here he teams with Spiriakos to convert any stragglers. Meanwhile, real-life lawyer Norman Nodge uses the full force of his autogenic training to create a track that’s both elegant and hypnotic. And hot off their much-loved “Body Acid” EP, Gingy & Bordello continue their climb up the clubhouse ladder by joining the ZZT Remix Elite, showcasing another step in the evolution of their maturing sound.