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Turbo celebrates Renaissance Man’s lauded debut LP with a massive remix pack featuring Matthew Herbert, Joakim, Dexter, WhoMadeWho, Paul Woolford, Jori Hulkkonen, Call Super, Teeth, and Locked Groove.

Last year’s Renaissance Man Project LP ushered in a much-needed new genre: Critical House. Tracks based on concept and ideas in a scene where the majority of musical content seems dictated by Beatport categories. The two Finnish architects applied principles from the worlds of art, design, fashion and caring about wine glasses to familiar electronic music tropes, forging an innovative sound without sacrificing the visceral thrillage of the dancefloor.

In assembling this remix LP, we drew upon the revered and the relatively unknown, artists with distinct voices who could refract the brain-colored spirit of the originals in unpredictably satisfying ways.

Vancouver (Call Super’s Proto Forma Mix)

Pseudonym for London-raised, Berlin-residing JR Seaton, a much-lauded newcomer who has received support from high-end tastemakers like Andrew Weatherall and Ben UFO.

What Do You Do When You Do What You Do (Matthew Herbert’s Little Liar Remix)

Renaissance Man count Matthew Herbert as a personal hero, and he shows why with a subtle, atmospheric take featuring his own vocals.

Trance Central (Joakim Remix)

One of the greatest remixers ever. He does not disappoint with an italo-cized piano house epic.

Trance Central (Teeth Remix)

Teeth brings the Finnish Content percentage of this release up to a critical 30%, a mere fraction higher than the country’s suicide rate.

S.O.S. (WhoMadeWho Remix)

TheyMadeThis. ItIsDope.

What Do You Do When You Do What You Do (Paul Woolford Remix)

Stalwart UK acid savant combines wonky and funky in equal measure with such finesse that haters of wonk and funk will still like it.

Stalker Humanoid (Dexter Remix)

The man behind electro classics like “Z.W.A.M” and “I Don’t Care”, as well as terrific output under his DXR moniker, masterfully mixes the original sounds with killer drums and legendary Dutch bass.

Stalker Humanoid (Renaissance Man Remix)

Renaissance Man remixes Renaissance Man, creating a Hall of Funky Mirrors where up is up and down is what you’re going to get.

Stalker Humanoid (Locked Groove’s Lost in the Jungle Remix)

Fresh off his super-hot debut on Hotflush, Belgium’s Locked Groove turns in a sparse and fear-driven banger. Look for his fantastic Turbo debut EP in the coming months.

Natty Jussi (Jori Hulkkonen Remix)

Every year, Jori comes to destroy Montreal with tracks we’ve never heard before. In 2009, it was Kebacid’s Jack the Potato. In 2010, it was his remix of Villa Nah. In 2011, it was this remix of “Natty Jussi”, a wicked dose of sleek acid trance.

Praise for The Renaissance Man Project:

“Layers and layers of syncopated tropical rhythms into a dense patchwork groove.”

– Resident Advisor

“Their consistently high levels of creativity show how the former architects are in it for the long haul.”  – Dazed and Confused

‘Renaissance Man are a duo who have been dominating Finland’s house scene for some time now with their own brand of ‘midget house’ (no, seriously).’ – The Independent

“Embrace those life-affirming post-tropical dancefloor vibes and banish the early onset of winter.”  – Clash