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Jori Hulkkonen


Turbo Recordings presents the debut of Raid Over Moscow. Three instant synth-pop classics clad in modern dance armor. Featuring remixes by Jori Hulkkonen, Zyntherius, and Ewan Pearson.

Former Minus mathmaster / current Items & Things mogul Marc Houle teams with Laure Bobin and Aymeric Mansoux to form Raid Over Moscow, leaving the line between post-nu-cold-minimal-synth-wave and vintage electroclash thoroughly straddled. Their pitch-perfect blend of computerman rhythms, hot accents and nation-shattering hooks could easily be a product of 1981, 2001, or 2021, so we’d like to think we’re ahead of the curve here (yet again). Turbo is banking pretty heavily on a full-on electroclash revival, instructing our core artists to focus on songs about 1) smoking 2) how amazing / terrible fashion is and 3) sunglasses, and unusual times to wear them.

For the remixes, we enlisted two men living in just one mind, plus another man. Jori Hulkkonen strands the vocal on the frozen beaches of the Finnish Technotropics, then dons his Zyntherius cape to fuse the hook to an 808 electroskeleton, before unleashing a massive octave bassline. Meanwhile, esteemed producer/professor Ewan Pearson achieves full Vibe Tenure with a darker, more atmospheric take.