Turbo 124
Duke Dumont
For Club Play Only Vol. I

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Duke Dumont


Turbo Recordings presents the first in a series of club-conquering EPs from Duke Dumont.

From his excellent Fabric mix to a pretty untouchable remixography that has seen him take on tracks by artists as diverse as Bat for Lashes, Mystery Jets and ZZT, Duke Dumont is the sort of artist embraced by people who know their shit. People like us. Pathfinders. Truthtellers. Heroes.

This is the first in a series of “For Club Play Only” EPs, designed to harness Dumont’s versatile stylistic mastery and let it explode in the faces of party people everywhere. “Street Walker” takes the intensity of paying for sex and spills it all over the dancefloor with a distorted vocal hook and alien warehouse vibes. Meanwhile, “Thunder Clap” answers the question, “What is the sound of one man jacking?” We’ve also included an Alternative Mix of “Street Walker,” because it’s great and because we want to give you the chance to sneer at people and say, “No, this is the alternative mix.”

In the Age of 2012, producers who favor quality over quantity often get overshadowed by shameless goons who manage to spam their way into the discussion. Our fondest wish is to correct this, taking things to the point where someone like D-Du can’t leave the house without being cherished.