Turbo 127
Gingy & Bordello
Iron & Water EP


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Bordello, Gingy


Gingy & Bordello open the floodgates with the Iron & Water EP, three club-devouring crowdpleasers that showcase the duo’s maturing sound.

Following the success of the Body Acid EP, which received massive support from the likes of Soulwax, Erol Alkan, Nina Kraviz and Martyn, this EP finds Gingy & Bordello further refining their approach, taking their new-school floor-filling instincts into the techno arena and emerging with a deeper, more mature sound.

The title track starts jacking the room until it’s reduced to its core elements of metal, sweat and ampersands. Meanwhile, “Panopticon” breaks out the strobe-light blinders for a disorienting dissertation on the nature of controlling a dance floor. Finally, “Ausbruch” combines the pitiless efficiency of German electronics with the volcanic fury that makes Toronto the most dangerous city on Earth.

This release firmly places G&B among the new pantheon of Turbo artists, standing proudly alongside the marble-hewn Gods that have made the label a musical mythology worth kneeling to.