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Bordello, Gingy


Turbo Recordings fights hot young producers with hot young producers with this blistering pack of remixes of Gingy & Bordello’s Iron & Water EP.

For this pack of remixes, we made an exception to our usual A&R policy. Instead of telling the artists to keep their mouths shut and let the Beatport millions roll in, we let high-flying Turbo superboys Gingy & Bordello play a big role in selecting who they wanted to remix their latest EP. We figured they’re young, they’re connected, and they don’t have to spend the next month reupholstering Tiga’s office furniture. So we’re letting you hear it straight from the Whorehouser’s Mouth, as Bordello takes you behind the curtain of this exciting release:

Panopticon (Locked Groove Remix)

“We heard him on SoundCloud last year and loved him immediately. Introducing him into the Turbo fold is something we’re really proud of. This mix shows the versatile Belgian in full-on warehouse techno mode, another sign that he’s a major talent who can seemingly do anything.

Ausbruch (J. Tijn Remix)

“We first heard J. Tijn through Locked Groove, and were thrilled when he signed to Turbo. If there was one man on Earth who could make ‘Ausbruch’ bigger, it was this London-based techno madman, whose sound reminds me of giants like The Advent and Surgeon.”

Iron & Water (Kevin McPhee Remix)

“We knew this fellow Canadian was no joke the first time we saw him DJ – playing his own cut dubplates. With output on Idle Hands, Hypercolour and Hotflush, plus a recent RA podcast under his belt, he’s clearly on the rise, and his menacing rendition of ‘Iron & Water’ is the darkest thing he’s done to date. ”

Iron & Water (Cicerio Remix)

“We wanted to round out the pack with a complete unknown, someone you wouldn’t be able to hear anywhere else. He’s a young producer we know from Toronto, and this marks the first thing he’s ever put out. With its lush pads and tones, his orchestral mix will decimate crowds at the club and on the symphony dancefloor alike.”