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As ZZT, Tiga and Zombie Nation are responsible for the greatest string of cult bangers this century, with a crew of fanmen-turned-remixers that speaks for itself. Justice. Erol Alkan. The Advent. Proxy. Julio Bashmore. Gesaffelstein.

The PARTYS OVER EARTH Remix LP collects all the classic re-bombs from their catalog, plus unreleased endorphin-releasers from techno veterans The Advent & Industrialyzer, rising Scottish stars Clouds, Mexican Tribal Warrior Erick Rincon, and off-the-grid upstarts Art Majours. It’s a fitting monument to the final moments of frenzied dancing before the Singularity, when we will all be judged in the eyes of the Nano-Lord.

On the 12″ Vinyl release, hard-hitting, high-concept Trouw resident Patrice Baumel turns “Rock the Peace” into a dancefloor cluster bomb, retaining the original’s snakecharmer synth hook while adding waves of bass shrapnel. Meanwhile, UK mystery man Bomb Connery emerges from the shadows with a killer mix of the unkillable “Work”. We know nothing about this remorseless banger-artisan, except that we know exactly who he is and aren’t supposed to say.