Turbo 134
On Further Inspection

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Turbo Recordings presents a stellar new EP from emerging UK producer joeFarr, the latest addition to the label’s New Jack Techno stable.

The gamut of Turbo releases can range from big-name big-deals to cult favorites to relative unknowns. The past year has seen the label delve more deeply into the latter category, scouting new talent and signing material entirely on the basis of the music, rather than preconception, hype or cronyism. With this release from young UK producer joeFarr, the label continues to expand its burgeoning New Jack Techno roster, which has been embraced by everyone from superstar DJs to highbrow tastemakers like Resident Advisor.

The title track’s moody synth intro gives way to bleeped-out party vibes, riding an insistent  groove that strikes a balance between loopy mania and techno intensity. Meanwhile, “FE CR” welds clanging percussion to dark atmospherics and a relentless distorted acid line. Finally, “You Got Some Front” is an industrial-tinged banger that crosses the line into glowstick-eating rave madness.

“On Further Inspection” is yet another example of the wealth of undiscovered talents out there, just waiting to be uncovered and discovered. And we will be their Father Figures, till the end of time.