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Turbo Recordings presents four killer remixes of one of its biggest tracks of the year. Featuring Tiga, Lando Kal, Gingy & Bordello, and Locked Groove.

When Turbo put out Duke Dumont’s “The Giver”, everyone at the label knew it had the potential to become a massive house anthem. So when it actually happened, it was gratifying to learn that a) the label’s braintrust wasn’t crazy and b) the rest of the world isn’t completely out to lunch. With support from Annie Mac, Erol Alkan, Heidi, Diplo, Damian Lazarus, Martyn, Soul Clap, A-Trak and a legion of other big names, plenty of radio play on BBC One, and rave reviews from critics, the track has taken on a life of its own, spending numerous weeks in Beatport’s Deep House Top 5.

With this in mind, the label decided to go with its instincts for the remix pack, sticking with some of its best and most exciting in-house talent while also including a respected outsider.


Turbo boss Tiga turns the Lifestyle Machine up to 11, before snapping the knob off completely with a seven and a half minute epic that is possibly even more anthemic than the original. Turbo obsessives might have noticed that this is only Tiga’s second remix for the label since 2005 – after Azari & III’s similarly huge “Reckless (With Your Love)” – offering even more evidence of just how significant a release this is for us.  

With releases on Hotflush, Rush Hour, and Numbers, Lando Kal has been pushing his sound more and more into the realm of gear-based Detroit-influenced techno. His version of “The Giver” continues in this vein, a tripped-out after-hours workout that’s destined to become the highlight of your next warehouse party.

Toronto’s Gingy & Bordello are undeniably two of Turbo’s most promising rising stars, with a career path seemingly taken out of some fantastic DJ/production duo storybook. Their mix ramps up the BPM and takes things into big-room techno territory. The arrangement is long and strong, and the payoff near the end is subtle and retains the essential ecstatic tone of the original while doing away with the commercial angle. Let Gingy take you on a journey, and then let Bordello take you on a journey. It’s the same journey, but still.

Hot Belgian producer Locked Groove is another of the label’s emerging New Jack Techno talents. His impressive versatility is fully evident on his contribution, combining elements of hi-NRG 90s eurodance and melancholy ambient techno into something that evokes the yearning heart at the core of Belgium’s other greatest export, Technotronic.