Turbo 141
Renaissance Man

Release Date:


Turbo Recordings takes new-school electro to grad school with the latest release from Finnish duo Renaissance Man.

Finland’s Renaissance Man have earned a reputation as some of the smartest minds in dance music, and by extension, the world. Following their brilliant 2011Turbo debut LP, the former architects continue to bring high-minded concepts to low-ended club tracks with their latest release, “Call2Call.”

The six tracks on this EP take the DNA of classic electro and splice it with techno’s focus on structure and the duo’s trademark “Critical House” conceptual ingenuity. The use of landline phone samples over dirty 808 beats evokes something both timeless and incredibly time-specific, like a primitive ape-man (or woman) being handed the first-ever cordless phone and hearing his first dial tone as the equivalent of being left to die in space. The result is something familiar yet new, much like the second time you ever read the phrase “familiar yet new.”

None of which is to say that this music doesn’t have balls. Because it does. Brainy, well-considered balls. Accept them as our gift to you.