Turbo 144
Who Are You? / 9000

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Turbo Recordings nukes first and asks questions later with the release of Proxy’s latest single, “Who Are You?” Featuring remixes by Pilo and Attaque.

The onslaught of singles from Proxy’s massive debut double album, MUSIC FROM THE EASTBLOCK JUNGLES, continues with “Who Are You?” The release features a shorter, even more brutal take on the titular Proxy classic, as well as “9000”, which takes the Russian’s affinity for futuristic Eastern nano-pop – previously explored in “8000” –  to its logical conclusion.

For the remixes, we coerced UK banger-man Attaque and West Coast up-and-comer Pilo into handling “Who Are You?” with no protection from radiation poisoning or international tribunals. Attaque, whose output has earned him support from Tiga, Erol Alkan, and Brodinski, re-imagines the track as festival techno for a festival in the airless void of space. Meanwhile, Pilo builds on his monstrous Twin Turbo debut with a version that summons dead machines to possess your dancing flesh until there is nothing left but bone and sweat.

The release gives Proxy pause as he “crosses continents to survey the ocean-choked dead” in the wake of his ongoing, ever-expanding world tour.

“The question ‘Who Are You?’ is entirely rhetorical,” he says from inside his tank carrier. “The obvious truth is that it could not possibly matter. You are already dust, and I do not deign to name you.”