Turbo 149
Gingy & Bordello
Saturday Night Fervor

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Turbo Warehouse Series continues with this pair of bombs from Gingy & Bordello, backed by a killer remix from Robert Hood.

Gingy & Bordello have, more than their New Jack Techno peers, kept their eyes trained on the co-ed club dance floor. The magic here is that although this is warehouse-tough and head-noddingly well produced, these tracks stay sexy and appeal to more than just a boiler-room sausage-fest of fans – this is booty shaking club music with broad appeal… That’s right, ladies…

Saturday Night Fervor silkily wraps itself around wiggly disco-inflected samples that guarantee hand raising and foot stomping in equal measure. This is the kind of fun, soulful, inclusive party bomb that makes the world go round.

All Day pulls off a similar trick by extracting maximum vibe from a tiny vocal sample, this time laying it over a harder-edged beat constructed from finely tuned kicks, crisp layered hats, and a killer hook of a bass line. This is a pec-pumping, ass bumping groove, a rock-solid house you could jack in ALL day.

As if these two bombs weren’t enough of a workout, we called in legendary producer Robert Hood, fresh off releasing a new LP as Floorplan, to transport things into the Detroit dimension with hypnotic stabs, slamming rides and extended vocals.