Turbo 158
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Tracky, stripped-back and tough as all hell, youngish Dutch duo TWR72 deliver an ultra-lean cut of prime techno for Turbo’s 158th release. This follows their Endless 72-loop set and Der Ausgang EP, which were secret- and not-so-secret-weapons of djs the likes of Josh Wink, Jackmaster, DVS1, Dave Clarke, Marcel Fengler, Jacques Greene, Dustin Zahn, Christian Martin and more.

With a title and track names that must be a reference to these “computers” we’ve been hearing so much about lately, this EP delivers four tracks of increasingly muscular big-room bruisers. All four loop a vocal and filter it over relentless drums. No filler, no big chords, nothing even remotely resembling an epic swoosh. In short, nothing to get in the way of inflicting pure destruction on any and all scarily-gurning 4am crowds you may find on the other side of your CDJs.