Turbo 159


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Belgian duo GoldFFinch continue Turbo’s latest series with three prime cuts of springy warehouse thumpers.

Four years into their production career, these two young Brussels-based producers have already put out a dozen releases, and in the process gained the support of the likes of Loco Dice, Phil Kieran, Sinden, Djedjotronic, Mary Anne Hobbs, Claude Von Stroke, and Jackmaster. Their sound has remained consistent while slowly evolving, shifting deeper into the realm of pure techno, achieving terrific impact through sparse elements, increasingly honing their talent at sculpting each sound.

There’s a consistent feeling on all three tracks that nods to the notion of ‘warehouse.’ You can hear a spectral glimmer of rave throughout. The winding, hypnotic synths on Stronghold evoke, or rather, produce trance, the arpeggio and brief vocal ‘WOO’ sample on Bis Repetita are distilled tropes of an era. The palette on Europa goes even deeper into the shadows, a proper trip-out, heads down, shoegaze tool, that finds it’s centre in the ominous bassy pad that thunders in to the mix, vaguely recalling jungle. And all the tracks are enmeshed in tightly constructed, blacklight-sensitive beats that sounds distinctly modern… all told, they present a very refined and subtly original version of good old techno.