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Turbo explores the future primitive with NEW JACK TRIBAL. First instalment in this new series comes courtesy of emerging Canadian talent: Clarian, Hreno, Mike Mind and label A&R Thomas Von Party.


Bridging the gap between the psychedelic world-beat of newly launched sister-label Multi Culti and Turbo’s forward-looking techno and house stylings, these four tracks offer distinct yet consistently straightforward takes on the tribal trance-out.


Visionquest-native Clarian’s icy-cool ‘Inuit’ kicks things off with a super hypnotic groove… the perfect soundtrack to an acid-ice-fishing trip gone right and an optimal DJ tool for the very early or very late hours.


Berlin-resident and Canadian ex-pat Hreno (Fur Trade, Autochtone, etc) is next up with ‘Tree Trunks,’ an expertly assembled rhythm track built on top of a bubbling bassline sure to get the party rolling.


Turbo and Multi Culti A&R Thomas Von Party takes the party from the forest into the jungle with ‘Pygmy Funk,’ an overtly primitive journey built on wood knocks, bird sounds and the deep throb of tom and bongo.


Finally, the supremely-talented Mike Mind turns in a downtempo bomb that will highlight your cave-party playlist.