12″ sampler from awesome Clouds-curated compilation of hardcore Scottish hooligan techno. 


Heir apparent to the UK techno throne, Clouds have been gaining credibility with each release. With their LP Ghost Systems Rave, 12″s on Fifth Wall and Soma, and their latest Tannhauser Acid Works EP, they’ve reached beyond the warehouse and into the wild apocalyptic rubble of po-mo UK hardcore.


Their lead track Blood Skating is an industrial blitz of terror-beats, laced with a haunting, Aphex-grade vocal pad. It sets the tone for this incredible release, which they’ve A&R’d out of thin air, apparently from their mates in Dundee, Perth, and the surrounding mud-lands.


The 12″ sampler features DJ Hesburger’s ‘Roll Up Your Sleeves, Welcome to the Dance,’ an awesome slice of overdriven acid electro that sounds like MPIA3 on MDMA. Jane ‘Fuck Your Alliance’ is proper mental brain dance, while Dance Company’s ‘Berzerkerz’ sounds like an unearthed hardcore anthem from 92.


The full “…I Care Because You Don’t” compilation is coming October 2014.