Turbo 182
Gilmer Galibard
A Baker's Shit Ton

Release Date:


The Turbo debut from Gilmer Galibard is a collection of four dark, visceral techno floor-destroyers from a young Canary Islands-based producer about whom we know relatively little. It also marks the label’s first release to feature a swear in the title, offering a foreboding glimpse of the paranoid machine-driven warehouse terror contained within. 


“By now you will have heard the demo in its entirety and are still dancing whether you want to or not. For my purposes, you will use the Search Engine Optimization terms “Dark,” “Visceral,” “Techno,” “Floor-Destroyers” and “Paranoid Machine-Driven Warehouse Terror” to ensure that it finds its way to the 83 people who need to hear the release through this specific channel. You may tell people I am 26 years old and from the Canary Islands; both facts are true and sound comforting enough but as you now know this does not matter. Print this in its entirety and leave the release title unchanged. I would say I’ve said too much but that is impossible because as you’ve come to understand all of this has already happened.”