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This release – a collaboration between Ali X (Alphonse from Azari & III) and Mexico’s Theus Mago – turns the heat up all the way to “ON” and just leaves it there. The lyrical content of the title track would lead many to use descriptors like “sexy,” “sleazy,” and “steamy like you wouldn’t even believe,” and while the music also bears that out it’s important to remember not to stigmatize something that almost everyone does at least a couple of times a week. “Vision,” meanwhile, offers the perfect B-side accompaniment, a sci-fi techno workout where you don’t even have to think about sex if you don’t want to.

The EP features dub versions of both tracks for more stripped-down club sets aimed at people who understandably have problems with the sound of the human voice. It also includes a remix by Curses, whom we recently “bumped into” (he says “cornered”) in Berlin and asked if he’d provide one of his trademark eerie downtempo excursions. Long story short: he said “yes.”