Turbo 208
Tiga VS Audion
This Is A Dream Remixes

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Turbo Recordings presents hot new perspectives on Tiga Vs. Audion’s post-audience hit “This Is a Dream” from Brazil’s Terr and Russia’s Nocow.

“When it comes to exploring new possibilities for my music, you know I’m always DTI (Down to Imagine),” says Tiga. “That’s why I’ve always been so cool about remixes. In another context, if you second-guess me, I’ll cut you down in a Montreal Minute. But remixes are about trust and creative freedom and submitting work on spec, so I’m willing to pretend I don’t have all the answers.”

Coming off killer releases for Erol Alkan’s Phantasy and Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant, Berlin-based artist Terr is now poised to be coming off a killer release for Tiga’s Turbo Recordings, stripping the original’s trance rave odyssey of all its Eurotopian excess. Meanwhile, new Turbo star Nocow’s “Nite” and “Days Gone” mixes add heartfelt vocals that create a new depth of listener engagement verging on emotional blackmail.

“Turbo remix packs are now the last remnant of cultural life,” adds Tiga, “Through careful planning and a significant injection of dark money, we have ensured that the supply chain of dark warehouse bangers and psychedelic after-hours interrogations will never be interrupted. Future generations will need to move, and they’ll need to groove, so we’ve already started R&Ding what A&Ring will look like in societies living at the center of the Earth, where all the science says it’s just too hot to e-mail. I’m not promising anything, but this is my promise to you.”