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The latest release from Turbo Recordings features the rarest of all techno label occurrences: a good story. An Austrian producer with releases on Kneaded Pains and Nervous, Dubesque met NYC legend Amanda Lepore at the Life Ball years ago, when he used to serve as the VIP area host. Her manager asked him to produce an EP to accompany her memoirs (Doll Parts), and he went on to also write songs for her “Bartschland Follies” show at the McKittrick Hotel. See? Real people with interesting lives. Not a single dude with a laptop providing his alternate score for Inception in sight. 

Years passed, and Dubesque was struck by an idea. Create a techno track featuring Lepore’s vocals. This led to a collaboration with Brooklyn indie A&R Peace Bisquit and electro pop singer/songwriter Ayer which gave birth to “Queen”, featuring the world’s most famous transsexual.

Here’s where things get really f’n fascinating, because the result – “Queen” – won the hearts of all two Turbo Recordings employees, who decided to give the track the largest platform imaginable to them. Please request the Radio Mix when calling your local sports talk station to demand airplay, and play the instrumental version when loudly regaling your friends with the tale of its creation. The EP is rounded out by two more excellent examples of Dubesque’s stellar techno craft: the title track and “BRB,” which we’re told is how teenagers abbreviate “Ballroom Blitz” from the Wayne’s World soundtrack online. 

Please keep this saga close to your heart and pass it onto future generations, who will need the power of stories to keep them warm as they toil in the Amazon Webcam Mines in exchange for jeans and AA batteries. Become part of this rich oral tradition today!