Turbo 211
Colours So Bright

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Turbo Recordings is honoured to present the latest from label founder Tiga, another career pinnacle from the man many call Mr. Pinnacle. “It’s always special for me to put out a record on Turbo,” says Tiga. “As label owner, it was an easy yes. As a valued label artist, I was pleasantly surprised by my decision.”

And we’re sure you’ll be delighted at having been left out of the process entirely, as the Montreal icon makes a return to his amazing roots on “Colours So Bright.” Tiga produced the record with Quinn from Paranoid London, aka Johnny Aux, at the latter’s old-school subterranean London studio, mixing raw acid house and electro with a live, one-take vocal fuelled by a brief but torrid affair with Fair Lady Alcohol. “His studio is the only place I ever really drink. You probably think of me as as an ascetic Marc Aurelius type, but as it turns out, I’m not immune to the infectious grins of the sweet lager lads of Old London Town.”

Turning off the humour-powered afterburners for a moment, the story behind the song’s creation is serious in nature. Tiga recorded “Colours So Bright” shortly after attending the funeral of his close friend, the legendary producer Philippe Zdar. “I felt enveloped by his spirit,” says Tiga. “The record’s artwork is a photo from Ibiza, where we loved to spend time together with our families every year. The song inspired by and dedicated to him.”

Rounding out the release is a dub version for those understandably sickened by the sound of the human voice, as well as the operatic “October Trance Song,” which Tiga describes as “designed for exactly the kind hands-in-the-air moment at a party that doesn’t exist right now. It’s like a pair of high heels but I’m a farmer. Or a rough-and-tumble ranch hand, but still with high heels. But I know the day will come when I can cast off these overalls and make that moment a reality again. See you in 2029.”