Turbo 214
Roe Deers
Voodoo Gym

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Turbo Recordings is thrilled to add Lithuania’s Roe Deers to our ever-growing yet mercilessly exclusive stable of young dance talent. While we have yet to meet Deers in real life, our thorough scouring of his hard drive has made us feel that he’s a perfect addition to the Turbo family. He’s put out releases on our friends’ labels, including Omnidisc, Duro, and Nein, all of which is a roundabout way of us letting you know we have so many friends. He’s also hot off a remix on legendary Turbo A&R man Thomas Von Party’s excellent new Party Central label. In addition, Deers is a regular DJ at Opium Club in Vilnius, one of our favorite venues in the world despite its scandalous name. In 1881, the British Medical Association denounced opium eaters as “immoral and perfidious foozlers who are not up to dick by any reasonable estimation,” and we would probably have to agree with that, given the available science.

No one would deny the Rolling Stones’ Voodoo Lounge was the sound of the 90s, and we feel that title track “Voodoo Gym” is poised to have a similar impact over the coming decade. It takes megalith-sized balls to invoke the occult, and this tribal-infused bomb backs up those balls and then some. “Bottom Monster” conjures all the raw sexual menace of the Creature from the Black Lagoon, or even Frankenstein, while “Jackpot in Space” jacks and teases for what feels like and is several minutes before erupting in a geyser of sweat and quarters. Finally, Star Wars creator Joseph Campbell once said that, “Shakespeare said that art is a mirror,” and closer “Moody Express,” which Deers describes as “passive-aggressive, sneaky, and sleazy,” may help some of you come to terms with the kind of person you’ve become.