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If you know anything about Big Tech, you know disruption’s the name of the game. For some reason, we’re betting that this applies to techno too, and we feel the latest EP from Cora Novoa is a game-changer on the scale of Windows Vista. 

Hot off appearing on the cover of of Mixmag Spain (beating out Spanish Steve Aoki for the honor), the Barcelona-based producer, creative director and researcher follows up her killer 2020 Twin Turbo release, Black Out, with Two Faces, which cements her place as one of the major artists populating today’s techno landscape, which itself is made of cement. These five massive tracks evoke the deep space claustrophobia of consumer-grade interplanetary travel, exporting our emotional intelligence and expert playlist curation to grateful distant worlds. This is the sound of the logical endpoint of all rave culture, where DJs will be replaced by an app you beg to not cut the oxygen. 

Two Faces is packaged with a custom Instagram face filter, which satisfies a longtime mandate from label management to make our audience better-looking. Turbo will also be producing a T-shirt for the release, aimed at those who dare to walk between two worlds, navigating the virtual/analog divide with the grace and artistry of a tightrope dancer. The EP also marks the occasion of Turbo’s first NFT, a combination of the face filter and artwork. Sold on Foundation, it will instantly become the least fungible thing you will ever own, and a possible bargaining chip to offer the AI that’s been blackmailing you. Please note that Tiga is under the impression that NFTs are pronounced “Nifty’s” so do not try to disabuse him of this notion the next time he’s in your town to tear up a local street festival. It’s important to remember to be kind.