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Renaissance Man


Architects are not like you or me. Every idiot knows architects aregeniuses. And every moron with a map of the world in his jean pocket knows that Finns are smarter than most. Renaissance Man, then, embody the almost unimaginable ideal of the Finnish Architect, multiplied and then squared. To the funth power.

They met over a grim cup of black coffee at a Finnish architecture firm, launching their career in 2008 with the suitably clever ‘Spraycan’ on Switch’s Dubsided, built around a novel aerosol-can sample. They soon found eager champions in the tastemakers atKitsuné, Sound Pellegrino and the blogtelligensia over at Fluokids.By 2010, they were legitimate players, having remixed Azari & III,WhoMadeWho, Delphic, Crystal Fighters, Brodinski, Crookers and Health, among others.

And, against all reasonable expectation, they just kept getting smarter, refining their sound away from the dimwit muck of blog-house and moving into more serious production territory, moving to Berlin and learning how to lifestyle it up, playing at Panorama Bar and exploring the semiotics of the drink ticket.

A more refined, structural sound emerged on the Babbadabba EP on Made to Play. And the larger scope of their commitment tointelligent design comes to fruition on their upcoming album on Turbo, erecting a giant erection of Dancing Man’s Thoughtfunk. The music is highly detail-oriented, referencing everything from bass music to curry house, with eyes and ears trained on millenia of art and concept, with a special emphasis on the millennia when music actually existed.

Renaissance Man. Designing the box. Building the box. Thinking on top of the box.