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Turbo is proud to present the latest in it’s series of artist albums, following from Finnish maestro Jori Hulkkonen and Scottish prodigy Sei A.

CROWDPLEASER has just completed his first ever solo album of deep and laid-back Swiss sounds. After successful outings on Mental Groove, Viking Music, Drumpoet Community and Wagon Repair, this latest ten-tracker of blissful underground house lands on the ever-expanding Turbo Recordings. The album presents a broad spectrum of ideas, some of it might even be called ‘world music’, featuring international vibes and vocal contributions from Wamian Kaid, the psychedelic guru Terence McKenna, and Mr. Schönborn himself. These are expertly crafted grooves, subtle and hypnotic tracks that sound as great in the club as they do at home, the light mood and warm atmosphere a perfect match for an early Spring release.