Turbo 150

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Dutch duo TWR72 unveil an ambitious collection of 72 killer loops, built for club domination.

Their recent release on Twin Turbo got huge support from across the board: Josh Wink, Jackmaster, Jacques Greene, Joakim… and that’s just key tastemakers whose name begins with ‘J’. What Turbo didn’t tell you is that the tracks on this EP had been built from 5 core loops which were part of a much bigger project… yours to discover today.

This package is a hugely powerful weapon for old-school and new-school DJs alike… For the old-school a limited edition 12″ with 36 locked grooves per side, for the digitally inclined, there will be all these and more compiled for “on-the-fly” remix heaven. Add a filter and delay and you can even go out and play a TWR72™ live show.

These aren’t outtakes either, each groove is good enough in it’s own right to be an A-side hit. But things are stripped back to their essentials, leaving you, the DJ / producer, to decide when to turn it up to 11 and layer in something new.

Each clip is named after a friend / collaborator / supporter / inspiration who has played a role in TWR72’s development, a power punch shout out to their peers.

ENDLESSS is an innovative release for Turbo, and a bold move forward for these talented young producers.