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Argentina’s DJs Pareja double-team on Turbo, collaborating with newcomer Tom Tom Clubber and Turbo’s own Von Party on a set of stripped-down ravey weapons.

Core members of the amazing Cómeme crew, the Buenos Aires based duo have been integral in defining the new-school of Latin techno, a potent blend of punchy, syncopated rhythms, loopy synth-lines and raw vocal hooks that has rightfully developed a cult following as one of the most exciting new sub-genres in electronic music.

A-side Vamos Viendo is the centrepiece, and it’s a monster. Previously highlighted on Tiga’s ‘Dance Action’ mix CD, the track builds on a simple, catchy bassline, with pitched snares and melodic synth stabs. It’s a peak-time party bomb, and a promising debut for the also-Argentine Tom Tom Clubber. Next up is their title-track Multimedia, which features a wild, trippy arpeggio that waves it’s way across the dancefloor with devastating power, inducing full-scale trance. On the flip, Von Party joins the proceedings for the super-wonky Serpiientes Y Escaleras (snakes & ladders), a hissing, winding, sub-filled filter-freak out. Alarma seals the 12″ with more rolling snares, arpy synths and a swelling, ominous alarm sound. Finally, in digital-only flavour is Dock Sud which turns the sirens up to 11, quickening the pace and driving crowds into a frenzy.