Turbo has been stockpiling heavy duty Techno weaponry with their Warehouse Series 12”s. If you’ve missed out, the best have now been compiled along with some huge exclusive tracks.

Clouds do the heavy lifting turning in four mental tunes, one taken from their last album but three all-new exclusive bombs that could’ve easily been their own 12”, that’s how not bullshit-comp-quality they are.

TWR72 also go double with ‘Download’ from their last EP as well as ‘Koek,’ a chugging groove that has the kind of choo-choo you expect from someone legendarily BAD like Robert Hood or Jeff Mills. Kudos to these two very white Dutchmen for succeeding in the African-American-ness of their drum machine swing here.

Another exclusive is from The Junkies with the killer ‘Sandy*,’ a guaranteed club record with hefty, low-end, for instant hip-opening impact.

The rest you might have heard if you checked out every Warehouse Series 12, but these are the very best of the best, featuring Sei A, GoldFFinch, Gingy & Bordello, the mysterious General Oscillator, and JoeFarr, who also turns in a previously-unreleased, bruising remix of Tiga vs Audion’s ‘Let’s Go Dancing’ just to make this all seem like more of an era-defining moment.

*named after their yoga instructor, Sandy.