Twin Turbo 004
Gingy & Bordello
Body Acid

Release Date:


A true product of Toronto’s thrillingly cosmopolitan Grooving Pot, this Chinese-Italian duo offers much more than a staggering blow to the face of casual racism, crafting highly effective acid tracks with just a hint of banger.

Bordello has served as Turbo’s in-house intern for the past year, managing such vital tasks such as buying Tiga’s bagels, toasting Tiga’s bagels, and offering a youthful take on bagels to a bunch of jaded crabs. Gingy, by all accounts, is a really nice guy.

They initially caught the attention of racists and non-racists alike with their first EP, ‘Vaporizer,’ on This Is Music, before catching the ear of some big names with THESE tracks, with Brodinski championing ‘Body Acid’ and forcing Turbo’s A&R Vibetrust to pay their respects to the kid with a foot in the door and a finger on the Ontarian Pulse.

If you aren’t sold on the Ontario-buzz, or the Cinternderella story, then maybe you’ll pay attention to two awesome remixes by the bombest Bulgarian, Kink. The ‘Deep’ mix is a lush, throbbing body-rub, and the ‘Acid’ version is a highlight-reel of peak time mayhem, already caned and charted by Erol Alkan and Tiga.

If nothing else, “Body Acid” is a vital reminder that acid goes into your body. That’s just the way it works.