Twin Turbo 009


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This release offers incontrovertible proof that Twin Turbo can turn even the most serious techno artist into a Slave to the Fun, forcing the Toronto-based Studio Whizman to produce tracks that will do things to a dancefloor that no sober trainspotter will feel comfortable with.

Hot off his much-lauded The Fall EP on Turbo proper, here Milano reveals himself as a floor-banging wildboy in the most serious sense of the term. “I11uminated” replaces letters with numbers and working minds with thrusting gonads, “Final Shift” dumps a lifetime’s worth of high-end studio gear into the peak-time quicksand, and “Ejected” dwarfs even the most brazen festival anthems with what sounds suspiciously like an analog zuzuvela.

Twin Turbo – we do the things other labels won’t, won’t we? You bet we will.