Twin Turbo 011
Zoo Brazil
Single Of The Year

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Twin Turbo throws all modesty out the nightclub window with the latest bomb from Zoo Brazil, “Single of the Year”. Featuring a remix by Zombie Nation.

With his third release for Twin Turbo, Zoo Brazil unleashes a Carnal Carnaval of roller coaster buildups and insistent melodic lunacy. If you don’t think this is the single of the year, then you’re entitled to your dumb, wrong opinion and the reams of poetry you’ve probably written about Gotye. Don’t worry: we respect you as much as we ever have.

For the remix, we enlisted Munich superproducer Zombie Nation to class things up a bit, but he ended up turning in something even more bizarrely over-the-top and trippy, adding a dark, growling breakdown that makes you wonder whether THIS might actually be the single of the year. Well you keep right on wonderin’, while the tunes keep right on thunderin’.

Twin Turbo – telling you how it is this and every year since as far back as last year.