Twin Turbo 012
Harvard Bass
Erasers & Chalk


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Harvard Bass


Twin Turbo coasts along the upper crust of fun with two new floor-devourers from Harvard Bass. Featuring a remix by PILO.

Straight outta San Diego, Harvard Bass has released music on Sound Pellegrino and Boysnoize Records, earned support from the likes of Tiga, Brodinski, and Zombie Nation, and teamed with Green Velvet on a recent collaboration for Relief. For his first Twin Turbo EP, this young producer and prolific remixer lives up to his name, providing a $40,000-a-year education in sub-wrecking and erudite low-end manipulation.

The vocal sample on “Erasers” coerces dancers to “DO IT RIGHT NOW”, while the Schedule-I bass throb and strobe-emulating hi-hats leave them with no choice to reply “OK, NOW’S FINE”. Meanwhile, “Chalk” is a dose of unbuckled techno belt-banging, what real DJs call a “result-obtainer,” and the proof’s in the puddles of drug-sweat, pal.

For the remix, we tabbed Harv-B’s fellow Californian PILO, fresh off a release for UK label Bad-Life, and with an EP in the works for Turbo. His rework of “Chalk” licks the blackboard clean with manic warehouse music for warehouses that store the poison they intentionally inject into glowsticks.

Twin Turbo – digital monuments etched in the face of Forever, forging an ageless catalog amid the omniscient cybercloud that will inevitably consume us all.