Twin Turbo 016
Robots Over Madrid

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Twin Turbo diagnoses you with borderline personality disorder with “Robots Over Madrid”, the latest from noted Spaniards Borderline. Featuring a remix by In Flagranti.

Following the 2011 Turbo release of “Stay,” a chart favorite of Tiga, Roman Fluegel, Ivan Smagghe, and Rebolledo, Borderline return with “Make Me Crazy,” a departure from the established Twin Turbo sound, in that it does not sound like the aural equivalent of being beaten into submission with a brick of E.

The A-side finds the Spanish duo riding a classy, hypnotic funk groove that gradually reveals darker edges as it progresses, combining strains of disco, house and techno into a seamless, stronger whole. B-side “Halloween” amps up the stakes with a creepy vocal sample, pulsing arpeggiated baseline, and massive early buildup, without ever venturing all the way into the “banger” darkside.

For the remix, we made a suitable offer to Swiss-based Codek disco vets In Flagranti, who dim the lights and accentuate the more sinister aspects of the original, adding ominous robo-atmospherics and a brooding minor-key baseline.

Twin Turbo – more than stadium bangers, more than peak-time bombs, more than you could ever know.