Twin Turbo 017
Harvard Bass

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Harvard Bass

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Twin Turbo creams all over the dancefloor with the latest release from Harvard Bass. Featuring a remix by Ambivalent.

For his second release on Twin Turbo, San Diego’s Harvard Bass whips the cream right out of dancers’ jeans, which seems like something that should appeal to pretty much everyone, including the big-name DJs (Tiga, Brodinski, Zombie Nation) who privately chart his every move.

First, the title track walks right in and kicks you repeatedly in the toms, bringing the bass and party bleepin’ that’s become as cherished a part of our cultural fabric as the acoustic guitar or the air horn. With its infectious, sped-up hip-hop vocal, “Cream” could become the biggest track in the world, or something you play for friends for the first time for the next 20 years. It’s not  for us to dictate the life of our artist’s work, only to shove it into the waiting arms of any weirdo with five euros and a GMail account. Meanwhile, the narcotized vocal sample on “Pimps” promises listeners “everything they want in life,” and delivers with the kind of clap workout they’ve been dreaming of since the moment of conception.

For the remix, we looked to someone to whom it seemed wise to look. With releases on M-nus and Plus 8, multiple collaborations with Alexi Delano, and remixes for the likes of Plastikman, Berlin-based American Ambivalent was, we felt, an inspired and courageous choice to take on as balls-all-over a track as “Cream.” And what he delivers is perhaps the greatest marriage of German tech precision and Florida bass energy since Volume Four of the Orlando-Munich Connection comp series.

Twin Turbo – big-room anthems in the name of Truth, Brotherhood, and Inclusionality since late-mid-2011.