Twin Turbo 018
Der Ausgang

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Lord knows DJs need TOOLS. And lord definitely knows that sometimes all a superclub needs to kick into full throttle mayhem is a perfect kick drum, a handful of claps, and some well-timed hiss. Anything more is unnecessary, and cramps the DJs ability to inject his own knob-wrangling and layering skills on top. All of the impact – none of the vulgar, desperate crap. None of it. So that’s what we’ve got here: five high-grade minimal bangers, that let you, the DJ, shine.

Dutch duo TWR72 are the artists in question, dutifully delivering tracks that will make you better at your job. Emerging in 2010 with a sound Radio 1 dubbed ‘Future Techno,’ their first records got heavyweight support from Erol Alkan, Len Faki, Brodinski, Modeselektor, and even Tiga.

This is just the beginning for TWR72 on Turbo, as they have an ambitious release slated for late-summer. Stay tuned.