Twin Turbo 050
Harvard Bass & Shaded
Body Feels


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How best to honour a sub-label sub-legacy spanning 50 releases, six years, and literally dozens of MP3s? Plans for a 50-CD box set sealed into a three-hundred-pound 50-disc CD changer programmed to play the full catalog in alphabetical order were discussed, executed, and ultimately abandoned. It just seemed antithetical to the core of a concept so beautiful in its simplicity: all bangers, all digital, forever. The fact that all DJs secretly hate vinyl only helped our cause.

And who better to ring in this imaginary milestone than rising Turbo superstar SHADED and Twin Turbo MVP Harvard Bass? These “California Bad Boys” rise to the meaningless occasion, delivering two tracks designed to bypass the brain completely and manifest in the overlap between the Festive Nervous System and the rich inner life of your downloads folder.

Twin Turbo has never once lied to you. We take hot club tracks far too seriously to tell you anything but the truth about massive bangers, off-the-wall floor-fillers, and the grown men and women who dedicate their lives to making them. It has been our privilege.