Twin Turbo 051B
Directions (Cirez D Edit)


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“Directions” by BETON, in its original format, has been one of my biggest tracks of the last 6 months.

Everywhere I played it, people asked what it was… Recently, after having posted a clip of it online, an old friend by the name of Eric Prydz aka Cirez D asked me what it was and if he could have it. He was so into the track that he asked to do his own high-octane edit of it, and I was thrilled with the result. We toyed with the idea of keeping it as a top-secret weapon for personal use, but decided to share it with the world instead. We at Turbo are super excited and proud to present the Cirez D edit of Directions, a huge track made even bigger, and a perfect example of the Turbo family at work. – Tiga