Twin Turbo 052

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When presented with a young talent with his whole life and a brilliant career ahead of him, we at Twin Turbo feel the only morally acceptable thing to do is to get out of the way and minimize the risk of the least important promotional arm of the music business hindering the otherwise inevitable upswell of positive energy and unmitigated success that lay ahead.

Tiga recently took to the BBC airwaves to declare ABSOLUTE. “a future star,” and we’re just going to leave it at that, rather than mention something the Twin Turbo label boss may have added about wanting to create an “animal blockchain” of up-and-coming talent. It’s simply not necessary. The London-based DJ/producer has earned support from Annie Mac, The Black Madonna and Erol Alkan, a veritable Influencer’s Row of venerated tastemakers. On a more personal level, when ABSOLUTE. was younger and owned only one deck, he used to beat match along to Pete Tong’s radio sets. That’s genuinely charming and relatable, and requires no further embellishment . He also espouses the virtues of a strong work ethic and open-mindedness, and in doing so gives us a glimpse of what dance culture could be like if we could simply erase the miserable baggage of anyone over 24.

And the music? Oh, it’ll make you gotta dance all right.